Book Review: The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo, by Zen Cho

This is adorable! Such a charming story & I love this clever, witty heroine with her sharp humor & insightful observations. And she’s a book reviewer, which I kinda got a kick out of 🙂

The story is told through the medium of a series of journal entries & one letter to a friend, which had a confidential tone I liked. I also liked that characterizations are very nuanced portrayals. There are no real villains, just people with flaws & weaknesses  & vulnerability, even the worst of them likable at times.

Something else I appreciated was the story’s nuanced portrayal of the racism which is simply organic in the heroine’s life. I thought it was an excellent representation of the  unconscious & very normalized face of racism. We see it internalized; we see people making racist assumptions who are otherwise fairly decent people. Even the heroine, a marginalized person herself, says something thoughtlessly offensive about the religion of a very good friend.

I’m probably making this sound like more of a thing than it was by focusing on it so much. This is not at all heavy handed or the focus of the book.  It’s subtle, yet ubiquitous, like background level radiation, but that’s what struck me about it. Jade or Geok Huay (her real name) notices it, remarks on it with wry humor, but its also just part of the fabric of her life, & the way the story almost silently shows us that pervasiveness sort of makes a point without  making a point of doing so, if that makes sense.

Beyond all of that, this was a lovely story of a young woman determined to “be true to oneself, and taste as much as one can of the varied buffet of life”.  How she indulges in a scandalous affair, gets a bit more than she bargained for, finds friends in surprising places along the way, and surprises herself most of all by falling in love. And that love story itself I found very endearing, funny & sweet.

All in all there’s a lot packed into this rather small package. I’ve read one other thing by this author & really enjoyed her work, so I definitely plan to read more.


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