BOOK REVIEW: Enemies like You, by Annika Martin & Joanna Chambers

Omg, this was amaaazing! This is one of those books that should absolutely be a movie, just sayin’!  What a grippingly suspenseful little spy thriller, and oh my word, we are talking hot!  Like seriously hot, with a generous serving of kinky.  And if that’s not enough there’s genuine tenderness, humor, a great mystery that builds tantalizingly towards a highly satisfying conclusion, and a heartbreaking revelation for one character near the end of the book that briefly gave me such feelz I nearly broke down over it in public.  Don’t worry, though, there’s definitely a happy ending 🙂

There are also two incredibly fantastic lead characters, both of them strong but also very vulnerable, both heroic, yet only too human.  They each come with complicated emotions and a moving backstory.  And they’re both extremely appealing, but in entirely different ways.  For that last reason, this isn’t just an enemies-to-lovers romance, it’s also an opposites attract sort of thing, because really, each man could hardly be any less like the other . . . or so it seems.  Because the more you read, the more common threads are revealed.  And not to be too trite & all “in the end we’re all the same” about it, but it’s the combination of all this that makes them such a great couple, makes them, in fact, actually so perfect for each other that it felt to me quite “meant to be”.  And that’s something I have a real soft spot for in romance, because it’s one of those supposedly “fantasy” elements that I actually find to be very  true to life – or at least it has been in my experience.

I loved both characters, but I do have to admit to being really partial to Kit ❤ ❤ ❤ I mean, for one thing, if there’s ever a contest Kit would win, hands down, if for no other reason than having the most killer line in the book.  And possibly in the history of killer lines.  So, of course I have to quote it here.  I gotta warn you though, it’s kinda spoilery for something we learn around 10% into the book – though if you’re anything like me I suspect you’ll have guessed it much earlier on (not because it’s too-easy but just, y’know, it only makes sense, assuming you’ve read the book description) – but anyway here it is, for the non-spoiler averse among us, or those who have already read the book:


“They don’t like it that I’m twice the man they’ll every be and prettier than any woman they could ever get.

What can I say? I’ve always been an overachiever.”


I mean, just . . .*ded*! Am I right? Is that, or is that not the best line ever?! Okay, technically 2 lines, 2 sentences anyway, but whatever.  James Bond couldn’t even touch it. I pretty much gave it my own personal standing ovation in my living room 😀

Aanyway obviously I really loved this 😉   I’ll add that I’ve read Joanna Chambers before & always love her work, but this was my first time reading Annika Martin . . . or so I thought!  Until I found out she apparently also writes romantic suspense as Carolyn Crane.  I’ve only read one Crane book, the first of her The Associates series, and it was sexy & good & well written, but somehow I wasn’t in love with it.  And was disappointed by that as I’d heard such great things about it from people whose tastes tend to align with mine & whose literary opinions I really respect.  So I’d chalked it up to a case of maybe-this-author/series/genre(?)-just-isn’t-for-me.  But I’m so blown away by this book it’s convinced me to give that series & author “brand” another try.  Particularly as I’ve been hearing that the 2nd book in that series is particularly awesome.

Either way, I’ll definitely be up for the next thing by this author duo, and will be checking out more Annika Martin books as well!

Highly recommended for anybody who likes enemies-to-lovers and/or sexy, kinky espionage-flavored romantic suspense.


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